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ANDERSON SCANNING TECHNOLOGIES forms part of ANDERSON GROUP and supports organisations that embrace our paper to pixel philosophy. We are rapidly  growing  into a leading document scanning services company, utilising the fastest scanning machines in the world.  We are leaders in industrial back-scanning technology (millions of pages)  that provide the Highest Quality Document Conversion Services, enabling our clients to successfully unlock the true value of the information contained in their files, resulting in increased productivity, performance and profits.

Our Clients realise tangible benefits that reduce their total document management expenses and increased profits by optimising their business process as a result of removing the inefficiencies inherent in their traditional paper based approach.  Capabilities include being able to digitise/scan document pages of all sizes, thickness and structure (including brittle & fragile items).  These include: books, microfilm, photographs and audio tapes. Clients today are looking for a simple way of converting their  documents and images stored in file cabinets, boxes and on shelves, into easily accessible digital files.

ANDERSON SCANNING TECHNOLOGY prides itself as becoming the leader in industrial (millions of pages) back‐scanning technology in the Southern Hemisphere capable of digitising/scanning :

• Document pages (all sizes, thickness and structure, including brittle and fragile)
• Books
• Microfilm
• Photographs
• Audio tapes

The service includes the export of digitized objects in all the known compression formats (TIFF, Jpeg, JP2, etc.) with acceptable embedded metadata in a variety of formats (PDF, PDFA, XML etc.) using a variety of resolutions (200dpi, 300dpi and upwards). The scanning technology used is able to provide a variation of formats (e.g. TIFF, Jpeg and JP2) while only scanning the document ONCE.

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